Last update: September 26th, 2013

We all love this part... *sigh*


A select few (currently counts 1) that work to keep the content of public commands alive.
A Google account used by myVoice to identify you in the website and in the application from your mobile devices.
Phone identification
A random unique identifier generated by the myVoice mobile application, which is unaccessible to other applications installed on the phone.
The identification contains no personal information, and it is sent to the server from time to time.

Data Usage

  • The voices you create or edit are visible to the administrators without any identifications.
  • The voices you create or edit are not visible to the public, but administrators may use them to help answer a general problem (for example, no specific phone numbers will be used).
  • Administrators cannot change voices created or edited for yourself. Anything you change becomes immutable.
  • The commands you say are sent to the server to lookup related voices, but they are not gathered for future use.
  • No other information except the commands (such as contacts) is sent to the server. Everything needed from your phone is only used & calculated locally.
  • The voices you create or edit are associated with your user or phone identification (preference to a user if available).
  • Currently no encryption is used to secure the data transfered between you and myVoice. A powerful third party entity (such as your government) may be listening.